Introducing Sandy Maeck, a dynamic #1 Amazon best-selling author and empowering life coach based in the vibrant city of Toronto. Sandy’s riveting personal journey fuels her fervent passion for writing, showcased in her inspirational works like “The Unwanted Wife” and “The Ungracious Daughter,” with her latest masterpiece, “Unhitched,” currently in the making.

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Sandy, an accomplished author, has achieved the distinction of being a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author for her books, namely ‘The Unwanted Wife’ and ‘The Ungracious Daughter’. These compelling narratives delve into the challenging topics of failed arranged marriages, domestic violence, sexual abuse, narcissism, rape, family secrets, and betrayal.


In her upcoming book titled “Unhitched,” she offers guidance to survivors, empowering them to discover liberation and reclaim their lives during and after the process of divorce.

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