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Introducing Sandy Maeck, a dynamic #1 Amazon best-selling author and empowering life coach based in the vibrant city of Toronto. Sandy’s riveting personal journey fuels her fervent passion for writing, showcased in her inspirational works like “The Unwanted Wife” and “The Ungracious Daughter,” with her latest masterpiece, “Unhitched,” currently in the making.

At a tender age of 18, Sandy embarked on a transformative odyssey to Canada through an arranged marriage, courageously confronting domestic violence and the harrowing shadows of sexual abuse. Despite grappling with challenges that initially thwarted her creative aspirations in writing and dancing, Sandy transcended her circumstances, navigating through tumultuous marriages while carving her path as a visionary in the business realm. Today, she not only shines as an accomplished author and life coach but also commands respect as the esteemed CEO and Founder of “Empower You” and “STCC Dance Academy”.  Sandy effortlessly juggles her professional accolades with her roles as a devoted mother, loving wife, and savvy businesswoman.

Sandy’s life saga, intricately interwoven into her literary tapestries, serves as a testament to extraordinary courage, resilience, and inner fortitude. Her personal evolution echoes the profound themes explored in her books, shaping her into the inspiring woman she is today.

Beyond her stellar professional achievements, Sandy has earned a plethora of accolades and recognition for her philanthropic endeavors, including prestigious civic and volunteer awards. She fearlessly shares her journey, offering a potent testimony to the unyielding spirit and resilience of women. Sandy’s narrative serves as both an inspiration and a clarion call for women confronting similar adversities, as well as catalysts for transformative change.

As an unwavering advocate against domestic violence, sexual abuse, and narcissism, Sandy has transitioned from the corporate world to spearhead awareness campaigns and host transformative workshops. Her commitment to empowering survivors and fostering healing underscores her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.


Sandy, an accomplished author, has achieved the distinction of being a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author for her books, namely ‘The Unwanted Wife’ and ‘The Ungracious Daughter’. These compelling narratives delve into the challenging topics of failed arranged marriages, domestic violence, sexual abuse, narcissism, rape, family secrets, and betrayal.

In her upcoming book titled “Unhitched,” she offers guidance to survivors, empowering them to discover liberation and reclaim their lives during and after the process of divorce.


As a captivating motivational speaker, Sandy passionately addresses an array of compelling topics, including:

1. Overcoming Domestic Violence and Abuse: Within this empowering discourse, Sandy not only sheds light on the harrowing journey of surviving domestic violence and abuse but also equips individuals with a comprehensive Safety Planning guideline. Additionally, she compassionately guides and empowers survivors on the path of rebuilding their lives independently, offering invaluable insights and strategies for their transformative journey.

2. Empowering Lives Beyond Domestic Violence and Abuse: In this transformative session, Sandy explores the critical elements of post-traumatic growth following domestic violence and abuse. She delves into the importance of making health and lifestyle changes as integral components of the healing process. Sandy also emphasizes the significance of establishing a strong support network, fostering a sense of belonging and providing vital resources for survivors to rebuild their lives with renewed strength and resilience.

3. Join Sandy Maeck on a transformative journey in “Breaking Free: Reclaiming Your Power,” a profound experience guiding you through the path of healing, resilience, and empowerment after overcoming narcissistic relationships.


Moving On: Embracing Freedom After Divorce – A Comprehensive Guide

In her illuminating Online Program, “I Do, I Did, I Am Done – Now What,” Sandy presents a comprehensive guide that supports individuals in their journey toward freedom following divorce. With wisdom and compassion, she navigates readers through the emotional and practical aspects of starting anew. From rediscovering personal identity to reclaiming independence, Sandy’s guide serves as a valuable resource to empower individuals on their path toward a fulfilling post-divorce life.

If interested, to inquire about Sandy’s services or to book her to speak at your event(s), please contact her at (416) 722-3998 or email at sandy@sandymaeck.com

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