The Ungracious Daughter


Secrets and Lies Exposed An Arranged Marriage Hell


In this haunting and intriguing story of The Ungracious Daughter, a prequel of The Unwanted Wife, Sandy Maeck’s s spellbinding tale of sexual abuse, betrayal, love, deceit, disloyalty, and even attempted murder, with a deeply personal inquiry into the slippery nature of truth.

But just who is the Ungracious Daughter?

Is it Maya because she told the truth? Is it Rania because she betrayed the family?

Shame is one of the most destructive of human emotions, and betrayal of family loyalty is the darkest hurt. Witness Betrayal after betrayal that leaves Maya’s family spinning and discover how they stayed strong in the face of mounting problems.

As seen through the eyes of Maya, as she witnessed how a mendacious man will stop at nothing, including manipulations, perfidy, and fratricide, to keep his terrible and dark secrets.

In the Ungracious Daughter, Maya tells of her sexual abuse as a child and how she began her healing, while still fighting the beliefs that she was an ungracious daughter for telling the truth, yet pondering if Rania, indeed was that daughter instead.

Come along on this empowering journey in this must-read book where Maya kept reminding herself how important it was to know that it was not her fault, and how she developed the skills needed to finally put a stop to the crippling self-blame that kept her from being happy.

Celebrate how she focused on her strengths, courage, and extraordinary bravery going against society’s expectations of not telling the sinful family secrets.
See how for the first time she chose herself and why she chose to tell the truth.


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